Goodbye to the sizzle

My hair journey started right before I joined High School. The primary school I attended didn’t allow us to grow our hair, so I started growing it during the vacation in preparation for high school. In my first year of High School, besides praying for my hair to grow so that I could hold a puff, my hair care involved plaiting ‘tuts’ (about twelve three strand plaits) with my own hair every night and I would take them out in the morning. The routine also involved oiling my hair sometimes. At the time, I had doctor miracles as my main product in high school then I somehow got in touch with dark & lovely-coconut oil. I loved the doctor miracles because it used to have the tingling sensation but then I stopped feeling the tingle. I also used to find it so thick on my scalp so when I got dark & lovely, it felt magical on my scalp.

2015- straightened hair


I used to go all out with straightening my hair all six years of my High School especially at the beginning of every term. There was no such worry as ‘heat damage’ and my hair was fine, it survived. In fact, I felt that the straighter, the better. In my first year of University, I didn’t know how to blow dry my hair, so my hair suffered the consequences. I went to University with my usual extremely straightened hair but I obviously got build up overtime and the hair was due for washing. I washed my hair and when it got to blow drying, all it did was dry my hair and not actually stretch it. So, my hair got dry in its coiled position. That was horrific.

Oil was the key, I knew it was working when there’s so much smoke and I could hear the sizzling sound lol!

Adding salt to the wound, my sister had got me a straightener when I was in High School. I took a hold of it and straightened that dry hair. Oil was the key, I knew it was working when there’s so much smoke and I could hear the sizzling sound lol! I lost A LOT of hair due to that. Throughout University, there weren’t any salons suitable for natural hair or my hair type. When I would go to a salon, I would lose so much hair and it wouldn’t come out as straight as I wanted it. I would get home and pass the straightener on my hair a couple more times so that it could last longer. This was all before my no heat movement.



I am now a part time no heat member. When I started the no heat journey, the products I would use were Olive Oil ORS hair mayonnaise conditioner, it was amazing. I found it to be in the Shea Moisture category. If you can’t afford Shea Moisture just get yourself that. I used to use a pink leave in whose name I don’t recall. For shampoo, I got some random shampoo that contained Shea butter and smelt nice. I will be sure to update this as soon as I recall the brand names. I also started to use my spray bottle where I would add coconut oil and mix it with almond oil. I tried everything that YouTube gave me as long as I could access it. Later in my journey, I started using my mum’s Shea Moisture products and I discovered that Shea Moisture is the product that my hair perfectly responded to. It is the chosen one for my hair. It just works so well on my hair. I am now saving up to afford my own Shea Moisture range.



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Joy is an Officer, IT Peripheral Support at Stanbic bank. She is passionate about new food experiences and exploring. A Creative and a huge go-getter. She is awesome.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to the sizzle

  1. So how does one go through the no heat movement when the hair is in its Afro stage because the Afro stage is really hard to maintain


    1. Yes indeed, the Afro stage can be a challenge to manage. 3 strand plaits before bed which I’d take out in the morning really helped to make the hair easier to comb the next day. If your 3 strands plaits can’t stay secure , use those tiny hair rubber bands to secure the tips. At the time I had an Afro, I kept braiding my hair until it got to a length I was comfortable managing. There are many options. Another option is using small ribbons and make a couple small sections and take them out the next day. If you are comfortable with wigs ,you could have your conrows underneath every other week. Lastly, I found this helpful when it came to stretching my hair without using a blow drier, a method called “African threading”. I still use this method. I hope these tips will be helpful.


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