Finger Coiling

This is part 1 of the curls series. This series will be exploring the different methods used to define curls.

I have not always worn my hair in a curly style and I have received a couple of comments discouraging me from wearing my hair like this because it appears “unkempt” to some. I have also been asked a few times to comb out the curls because they were seen as shabby in conservative communities. But I have learnt to embrace my curls.

What is finger coiling?

hair moisture (4 of 6)

Finger coiling is a method used within the hair community to define curls. It also aids in ensuring that your hair strands are properly moisturised. Depending on your hair texture, length and styling products used, the results will vary.

I personally avoid using too much product because I easily get build up. If you enjoy doing your own hair, this is definitely something you can try.

A very good friend of mine incorporated this into her weekend hair regimen. This style lasts about a week. Her hair is healthier, longer and as time went by, the curl definition has improved greatly. She motivated me to try it out. I had seen the amazing results on her hair. So, I thought to myself, why not give it a try! After a whole arm work-out, 2-3 hrs later, the style was complete. So, you must be thinking, 3 HOURS LATER! There’s no way I am trying that. But on the bright side, that is all the time you need to have amazing curls all week. You do not have to struggle with your hair every other morning. She mentioned that all it takes is;

  • Protecting your hair with a silk bonnet overnight
  • Simply taking it off in the morning
  • Lightly spritzing hair with water using a spray bottle
  • Finally use your hands to “wake up” the curls to a preferred look and quickly styling as desired. And Voila! You are good to go.





  1. Freshly washed, deep conditioned hair is key.
  2. Detangle the hair to make it more manageable.
  3. Hair has to be wet throughout the process, a spray bottle comes in handy to assist with this.
  4. Work in sections. I prefer 6 bantu knot sections and I slowly work through each section.
  5. On the first section, section it even further into much smaller sections to work with, holding the rest on the hair with a clip.
  6. For each small section, spray some water, add your desired holding mist/gel/defining cream. Rake the product through your hair with your fingers continuously until curls start to appear slightly defined.
  7. Then apply a small amount of Eco styling gel and distribute it evenly throughout the section. Start curling a few strands of hair round your index finger to obtain a tighter curl continuously until you are satisfied with the curls.
  8. Continue this process throughout the rest of the hair. It surely requires PLENTY of patience. You may take breaks in-between.
  9. Once all sections are complete, you may either let your hair air dry or use a diffuser/blow drier to speed up the drying the process.

Products used for these results

hair moisture (6 of 6)

  • Cantu coconut oil shine and hold mist
  • Eco styling gel
  • Water

Tools used

  • Fingers lol

I have type 4 hair. I cannot specifically state which one because my curl patterns vary from the back to the front. So, the results vary throughout my head. This was my first attempt at finger coiling. The results could have been better if I had actually let the curls dry completely. Unfortunately, I was working on my hair at night and I was too tired to wait for it to dry. In that case, my advice to you who are looking to try this method, please do it during the day to allow the curls to dry COMPLETELY.

I am definitely keen to try this again with a different holding product to compare results.

Is it possible to finger coil a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)?

Yes, it is very possible. I have seen a couple of YouTubers with short natural hair achieve amazing results with this method.

Styling tip

hair moisture (5 of 6)

  • Spritz water throughout the hair and carefully work your hands through your hair
  • Apply a small amount of cream to hold the loose hair back
  • I love up-dos. I usually used an old pantyhose leg to tie the hair up. These always work perfectly.
  • You may lay the edges too using a small amount of eco styling gel and a toothbrush

Comparing results 

You might have an amazing product but the technique is more important. The product should be evenly distributed on hair strands to achieve better results. The images below are a comparison between the results obtained by a friend who used a combination of jane carter elongating gel and eco styler gel and my results using the cantu shine and hold mist with eco styler gel.

NB: The consistency of the products used and hair texture is completely different and therefore, results will be different.








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