Easy styles for medium length hair

Shout out to you my fellow medium hair length people. If you are looking for some fun and easy hairstyles, here are a few ideas. Perhaps you have short hair but looking for inspiration, you are on the right page.

Styling my hair is something I hardly do daily, mainly because my goal is to reduce manipulation. I also usually run out of time in the morning and I simply opt for the easy high puff. Repeatedly rocking this puff caused my hair line to recede slightly and my middle hair was also breaking so much, so I had to look for other ways to style my hair that don’t take too much time.  I will start by showing you my long time faithful high puff before it got replaced.

The hair styles that follow are all done on stretched hair.

1. High puff

hairstyles (6 of 13)

2. Fun loving twin folds

Whenever I feel like spending my day looking cheeky and feeling super casual, this hairstyle never disappoints. Simply make a path in the middle and fold the hair on either side securing it with hair ties.

hairstyles (3 of 13)

3. Flat twist / 3 strand cornrow

For comparison purposes, the images below show one side with flat twist and the other a 3 strand cornrow. I personally prefer the flat twist because it is much easier to do. The result gives my hair more volume.


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4. Front hair pin to side

I usually do not wear my hair out because the wind is an enemy of progress and shrinkage is real. This is a style I wear on formal gatherings if there isn’t too much time to be as creative before leaving the house. I start by making a small part in the middle and combing the front hair to either side. I then secure the front parts to the sides using a bobby pins.

hairstyles (10 of 13)

5. Fold & pin

This is one of my absolute favorite go to hairstyles. You can rock this style to a casual, semi-formal and formal event. I usually wear this to work. For anyone who prefers to keep their end hidden, this style is perfect for you. I hope you have now seen the trend of the hairstyles shared. I have chosen to show how you can be creative simply by making a middle path on your head and working your way to fun, easy hairstyle.

Bobby pins have changed my hair game tremendously. This style is not as hard as it may appear. It is actually a continuation of style 4. Once again, get another section of hair on each side to cover the previous bobby pin and secure with yet another bobby pin. When you get to the back/ lower section fold upwards and pin ensuring to cover the middle line at the back and there you have it! You are good to go.


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Please let me know which style you liked most and I would also love to hear about your fun, quick and easy go to styles.

*You are marked by flawless craftsmanship*

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