Stunning Headwrap Styles for your Hair; Part I

“My love for headwraps wasn’t instant!

Growing up, I’d always loved African print. Being Ugandan, I saw kitenge items of clothing so widely praised, it was hard not to be passionate about them.
My older sister who was transitioning to natural hair hated how her hair looked during that stage. She vowed to wear headwraps until she had all the relaxed bits out. She went on for over a year only wearing headwraps!
It was then that I realised that styling a headwrap is like styling your hair! That was when my love for headwraps began.

We later started selling headwraps to our friends and family. The material was sourced from Uganda and because we had a sewing machine, it wasn’t too hard to sew them from the comfort of our home!

Thanks to my sister, I now own over 10 headwraps and I found a protective style that brings out my love for African print while being low maintenance.😁

If interested in seeing more/ purchasing headwraps, I have a Facebook and Instagram account called Wrap Culture  you could check out. Feel free to send me a DM for details.

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*Remember, you are marked by flawless craftsmanship*

About Author:


Helga is a food safety advisor who is passionate about photography, planning and weirdly enough..Agronomy!

Her spare time usually entails anything that involves using her hands, from arts and crafts to sewing and knitting.

She is an occasional explorer who documents adventures and experiences through photography!
She is also an avid fan of music and dance and it’s expression throughout the world.

6 thoughts on “Stunning Headwrap Styles for your Hair; Part I

      1. At the moment they are based in South Africa but you could get in touch with them @wrap_culture or @backyardmarket on Instagram to find out the details. they will advise.😊


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