Stunning Headwrap Styles for your hair; Part II

Why I love headwraps:
1.They are great for covering up a bad hair day. When I’m too lazy to comb my hair or wash it. I just use a headwrap to cover up the mess without anyone knowing what lies beneath.

2. Since I went natural, I discovered the importance of deep conditioning but sometimes I have errands to run or simply want to leave the house without letting the world know it’s hair care day. I just wear my shower cap and pop on a cute headwrap so my hair can do it’s thing while I’m out and about.

3. I love love love the colors and the way it can bring life to such a simple outfit – both formal and casual.

4. I’m all about DIY so I like to experiment with the different ways you can style your headwrap. My mum used to tie them when she went out for weddings and events and I always used to admire her. Headwraps remind me of her and make me look a bit more like her so why not #goals.

5. Simply put. It’s part of my culture which I love to embrace. 😬

Where I get my inspiration from :
Besides my mum. I get all my ideas / inspiration from Pinterest or YouTube. As soon as I see something I like. I save it to my board and come back to it when I want to rock my headwrap.

My collection of headwraps

Most of the time when I can’t find a tutorial on Pinterest, I go to YouTube and search ‘how to tie a headwrap ‘. When I’m feeling experimental I freestyle it. My starting point is usually always a simple knot. Then I build from there. Usually cris crossing and tucking in the ends as I go.

About the Author:

Melinda Mwamanda is from Tanzania. She loves sewing. Melinda learnt from her mum back in the day when she used to make wedding dresses and African clothing.

During her sewing journey, she learnt how to make head wraps from her scrap material. (Never let anything go to waste). She spends most of her time on Pinterest for headwraps inspiration; how to tie and match them with a cute outfit. By doing so, she decided to experiment with them herself.

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