Hair Treatment and Products for Stronger and Healthier Natural Hair while Achieving Soft and Manageable Hair.

I recently cut my hair after 3 beautiful years of growing it.  My hair was in terrible shape after my traditional wedding because of a product I used. I am currently going through what I call big chop 2.0.

Treatment and hair strengthening:

Do not be afraid to go through big chop or even trim the dead ends of your hair when you notice that it’s not in good shape. Cut off the dead ends and take great care of the healthy hair.

Wash routine 

My hair was really dry and kept breaking so I am currently focusing on home remedies aimed towards strengthening and moisturizing my hair mostly involving protein treatments.

I use lots of avocado, ghee and olive oil (I add my conditioner (kentaro very berry) to get rid of the ‘organic’ smell).

  1. I recommend blending the avocado as opposed to mashing it to avoid chunky avo bits getting stuck in your hair. The smoother, the better because washing it out will be quicker.
  2. I apply it to my hair and use a shower cap to lock it all in for 30 minutes.
  3. I then rinse it out.

This treatment leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized. Home treatments help to reduce the cost of spending ridiculous amounts of money on hair products. Call it balling on a budget.

I try as much as I can to keep my hair moist. So, I always carry my spray bottle with me. I use the livara spritz moisturizer and it really works wonders and smells amazing 😍.

I occasionally use the Cantu Shea butter hair dressing pomade (I am yet to get into protective styling because I am still enjoying the short hair and not really needing to do much with it). The Cantu Shea butter is great. It smells amazing it keeps my hair moist and soft.

Kentaro Berry Moisture Milk Leave in Conditioner to get rid of the ‘organic’ smell.

About Author:

floMy name is Florence Bagonza Nsereko. I am a Child of God, wife, entrepreneur and blogger.
I am passionate about things that have to do with bettering lives of women and girl child.
I also love beautiful spaces😊.
I am currently working with a company called EliWares we supply sanitary fittings. Together with my business partner we run an events company called Events Galore.UG we specialize in events planning , management and decoration.

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