Steps and Tips on How to Pre-poo Natural Hair Overnight, to Get the Ultimate Benefits of Soft and Manageable Hair on Wash Day.

My niece recently reminded me of this amazing method you just read in the title, Pre-pooing! I know, not the most impressive/catchy statement right! The first time I heard the statement, I took it literally. lol

It is simply a treatment you do prior to using shampoo, hence the name. Some of you are familiar with this term while others its an addition to your hair jargon, it is definitely a method you won’t regret trying out.

A recent comment on one of my posts by my niece, I quote; “Sectioning and pre-pooing not only helped with achy arms, but softened my hair so it was a lot easier to manage on wash days!”. This post is mainly on frequently asked questions about pre-pooing and a few product/ ingredient suggestions for pre-pooing.


I decided to work on this post with my niece since this has been her go to regimen for a while now, to help those who might be having questions. Here you go;

What I use to pre-poo?

A mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, a few drops of lemon balm, moringa oil and castor oil.

I must admit this is an upgraded version and it’s also a little more expensive; Unique to my hair types and preference.

I find that if I pre poo I don’t need to hot oil treat as often, that’s why I tend to have a varied mixture when pre pooing.

Strictly speaking pre pooing is conditioning the hair before shampooing (because our 4c hair loves moisture) so it’s a process to moisturize the hair before wash day, So that the hair is conditioned before it is stripped of dirt.

Therefore, any oil typically used can be used for ‘pre-pooing.’

I used to only use olive oil or a mixture of coconut and olive oil and in most instances this is sufficient for a ‘pre-poo’. If I don’t have all the ingredients listed above then I always revert to either olive or coconut oil and call it a night.


How long do you pre-poo?

I like to pre poo the night before wash day, so, a minimum of 8 hours of my hair in the oil and wrapped up.

But this totally depends on how organised I am. A 30 mins treatment pre-washing is also effective and very beneficial.

Note: If you decide to use protein pre-poo, leave for at most an hour and not overnight, otherwise it could lead to dryness instead, doing the reverse of what you anticipated.


Do you deep condition after pre-poo?

My routine usually involves

  1. Pre poo
  2. Shampoo
  3. Condition (30 mins)
  4. Hot oil treat (1 hour) or deep condition (1 hour)
  5. Rinse
  6. Towel and air dry
  7. LOC (Liquid, Oil & Cream)

For the best results on your hair it’s wise to deep condition every other wash day. (at least once a month) but pre poo should happen every time you decide to shampoo your hair!

“Sectioning and pre-pooing not only helped with achy arms, but softened my hair so it was a lot easier to manage on wash days!”

Can I pre poo on wet hair?

Not on soaking hair…
But spritzed hair is always the starting point for natural hair
Especially if it’s 4c.

Don’t do anything on dry hair, even sectioning. Its always better to manipulate and treat hair when its got a little moisture.

I usually spray my hair with water and a little peppermint, section it into 6 and then begin pre pooing each section.


Can I pre-poo overnight?

Yes. I highly recommend pre pooing over night.

Makes wash day much easier as hair is not only in sections but also the process of washing and conditioning is much easier as the oils have penetrated the hair follicles and hair strands making it softer to go through and less damaging to manipulate. Less arm aches too!

*Stay tuned for the next post on the benefits of the products I have spoken about and why I use them, I will also be sharing some Homemade recipes. See you next time*


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