Eye-opening tips on how to stop crown section breakage, and thinning in 4 weeks

Are you experiencing horrible thinning and soreness at the top middle section of your scalp? Is the hair around this area shorter and keep breaking? You must be frustrated at the thought of uneven hair and perhaps considered cutting your hair to match this awkward length on your crown. You might even be unaware of how sensitive your scalp is until you have seen some cause to worry symptoms. Do not worry! You’re at the right place.

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I have experienced this FIRST hand. A simple touch on the scalp and hair on my crown area was very sore and painful. My hair was breaking faster than you can say Jack Robinson and very short compared to the rest of my head. This post will highlight PRACTICES you may not be aware that they may be contributing to this thinning and breakage, and TIPS on how to SOLVE this.

Possible culprits

As this is a slow process for your hair to completely bald, identifying the symptoms early will contribute to easy restoration.

  • Color treatments
  • Relaxers
  • Hair straighteners
  • Overall poor health
  • Environmental damages- The crown is most exposed to this. I experienced this most when living in Cape Town, the air is very dry and dries out your hair easily. I only realized that after relocating.

How to prevent hair loss on your crown

Sore scalp and dry hair

Dry weather conditions being one of the major contributors to sore scalp and dry hair, you need to take caution. Your hair on the crown section is most vulnerable to drying out and breaking faster.

HLN (1 of 2)
A heating cap distributes the heat evenly and not aggressively

Sitting under a hooded drier for too long and excessive usage exposes the crown section to too much heat, causing the crown area tissue follicles to get weaker, resulting into breakage. Resort to deep conditioning for not more than 30mins, wear a shower cap and deep condition hair while in a high bun if you need to use a hooded drier, but reduce frequency until healed.. I resorted to using a heating cap to deep condition.

moisturize, hydrate and apply castor oil to the scalp and massage the area

Take special care of this area, by giving it more time and Tender Loving Care (TLC), massage with castor oil, and hydrate at least every other day and moisturize daily. The irritation and soreness on the scalp will gradually start to disappear.


Tension when wearing protective styles/ tight sections with the crown as center during regular shampooing, conditioning and treatments will affect your crown’s hair health. Tight up-dos greatly contribute too. Reduce the frequency, loosen your buns. Give your hair time to grow if its still short to avoid these stresses on both crown and edges.

How to deal with tension

work in sections whose focal point is not the crown area

Isolate the crown section so it is easier to work with. I am guilty of not doing so in the past. I would not work in sections and by the time I got to the crown my arms were already tired. lol. so, I would neglect this section, as a result it was breaking so much.

Sebum coverage

Sebum from every hair strand, without manual assistance sits on scalp and doesn’t travel down the hair shaft. Sebum lubricates, coats protects and balances the pH of your hair. The shape of your head alongside gravity, most sebum produced in crown section slides to the front, sides and nape area, leaving the crown section less coated or lubricated and unprotected.

How to deal with sebum coverage

Take time to massage this area

When working with your hair, section in a way that will give easy access to crown section. Massage the area, hydrate with water and seal with an oil. Take more time carefully working through this section with more attention than the rest of the head

Poor blood circulation

Nutrients and oxygen supplied by blood capillaries helps hair follicles to thrive on oxygen and nutrients. Hair growth throughout the head is encouraged as blood circulation to the scalp is increased.

How to improve blood circulation to the head

Consistent cardio exercise to guide in delivering more blood and oxygen to the crown. The inversion method for at least 2 mins during exercise postures will aid in blood circulation. I recommend doing this with caution and standing up slowly.

Check your hemoglobin levels if you suspect poor circulation. Some symptoms include feeling dizzy and easily feeling numb.

Onion juice recipe massage consistently on crown area, will restore this areas’ health.

If the condition is extreme and the area is replaced by scarring, get help from dermatologist.

If any of these apply to you. I hope the tips I have shared will be your saving grace. How have you guys healed your crown area? Please share in the comments below

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