Hair Care for Dandruff and Length Retention


Hey there! This is Candice Mulinda, she will be sharing some hair care tips she has learned over the years. Candice lives in Virginia and will be attending Yale University in the fall to study either Political Science or Global Studies.

She is super passionate about the community of people with albinism (PWAs) especially those who live in Africa.

She hopes that her journey can help someone, and feel free to reach out to her anytime! Instagram: @candicemul

How do I care for dry scalp and dandruff?

I struggled with this for a while. I tried three different products; Lisa’s Hair Elixir, has a scalp spray & oil which worked really well probably because they have menthol, though I know some people may be allergic to that. It worked well but didn’t really get to the root of the problem I was facing, it kept me from scratching but didn’t help too much to get rid of the dandruff.

My natural curl pattern

I was going to go to the dermatologist but dad wasn’t going to pay for something that ‘small’. I then got the head and shoulders shampoo from Walmart, super simple cheap name brand shampoo for “all hair types” to get rid of the dandruff. Of course I always dismiss that it will only work for straight textures and not mine but it actually does a really good job of getting rid of the dandruff and making sure it doesn’t come back in the upcoming days.

Afro for school

I would have to wash my hair twice a week to make sure I didn’t go to school with dandruff but with the head and shoulders shampoo, I was going for the full two weeks without washing my hair and all was good. It is good for the scalp but the downside is it left my hair really dry. I had to go the extra mile of making sure my hair was nice and moisturized.

Faux dreads

It was worth it for me since I don’t have naturally dry hair so it wasn’t a big deal for me. I wouldn’t recommend it for those with very dry hair but if your scalp is as ‘trash’ as mine, I do recommend it just make sure to moisturize.

How do you retain length?

My length currently isn’t much, but it has been retained, thank God! I honestly avoid straightening my hair. I usually have braids in my natural hair and I would just brush it out and leave it in an afro. I go to an all white school so I would love to leave it in an afro.

When I bleached most of my hair


I find straightening hair time consuming and not worth it. If you really want straight hair, I recommend wigs and weaves to avoid applying heat to your hair. I seldom straighten, maybe once in 3 months and I keep it moisturized, wash every two weeks and leave it in braids and I make sure to trim every 6-8 weeks which I found reaally helpful. I also just listen to people who know alot of stuff about hair.

One of the times I actually straighten my hair


One last thing, I dyed my hair once at the beginning of last summer, bleached my tips to about 75% from the bottom up , i made sure to keep my hair moisturized and once again trimmed often.

Crotchet braids season

Listen to what your hair is telling you, please keep in mind that some things that may work for me may not work for others. I hope this helped some people that have the same struggles as me.

You are most welcome to reach me if you would like to connect @candicemul


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