How to Care For Your Wig to Make It Last Longer and Some FAQs Answered!


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How long do hair wigs last for?

I get asked this question quite often and I tell people all the time, your wig is pretty much like your handbag, buy a cheap one it lasts a short time. Wigs last as long as you treat them too. Sometimes quality has nothing to do with it. I have had a wig for five years simply because I take really good care of it. Most people will buy an expensive wig, fail to take care of it, and complain about the quality. You can’t just throw a Chanel bag in a suite case without putting it in its pouch bag to protect it.



Do wigs damage hair?

Wigs are designed to protect your hair. You will find that most women will have cornrows underneath their wigs to keep the hair nice and tucked away. This is however not the case all the time. People also use wigs to hide unkempt hair and that is when you will find a wig to be damaging to your hair.



Can I style my wig with heated appliances?

The purpose of using wigs for most people black and white, is to give your hair a break from heat styling. Make sure you buy a wig that can take the heat needed to style your hair. Some wigs however are made from 100% human hair and will damage over time if you continue to use heat without a heat protectant.



Will wearing a wig thin out my natural hair?

This will always depend on how well you take care of your hair underneath the wigs. I personally have developed much thicker and full hair from wearing wigs and I would like to believe most wig wearers will feel the same too.



What kind of products can I use on my wig?

Wigs really don’t need much work. I just make sure to wash and condition my wig every 2 weeks. People sometimes go longer depending on how often they use it.



How can I deal with itch when wearing a wig?

The best thing about wearing a wig is that there is no itching. I tend to think itchy hair is mostly just from poor quality hair and poor maintenance of your own natural hair. Itchy scalp when wearing a wig is more than often a lack of proper hair care.



How do you wash your wig?

I really can’t demonstrate how to wash a wig in text but if you watch a lot of YouTube videos you will be amazed by the different methods available. All you need to do is pick a method that best suites your lifestyle and use it. I like to wash with shampoo, let my wig soak in conditioner overnight then hang it to air dry.



How do you style you wig?

Styling my wigs is really why I love wearing wigs. I get to see what my hair is going to look like before I put on my head. Curler and flat iron are my go to tools to use. Some days, I like my hair curly and other days straight. I haven’t experimented with colour yet, but that’s definitely something I want to start trying.



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5 thoughts on “How to Care For Your Wig to Make It Last Longer and Some FAQs Answered!

  1. I love the ” You can’t just throw a Chanel bag in a suite case without putting it in its pouch bag to protect it.” , neede to learn that!!! Great Post!!!!


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