My Experience with Colouring my Natural Hair: Part 1


Meet Marlie Keishamaza!

Marlie is a professional emcee who loves to talk. A motivational speaker who has a passion for young people. She also runs an online fashion store called Fab Fash and runs an events company as well.
She is into social media management and content creation for social media.
Talk about a woman of many talents 😊

Hair Colouring Experience as told by Marlie;

I’ve colored my hair twice in my life. I love the concept of changing your hair colour and wearing your hair a different way. The first time, I did maroon and it was such a crazy experience.

                                   The maroon colour still looking fresh

I had wanted to color my hair for a while and been contemplating the colour until I finally landed on one I loved on some random page on Instagram. I literally woke up in the morning, withdrew money and went downtown (it was the only place I knew at the time that had affordable hair stuff. This was in 2016). I went to different shops and showed them the colour but of course I was only able to get something similar but not exactly the same. It was a weird powder like thing that you had to mix with water so it could form a paste and thereafter apply to your hair. I went to my hair salon- Salon Jerry on Kibuli Road and I asked her to do di ting.

Cheap isn’t always the answer. Especially when it comes to natural hair.


I liked how the color came out and I was happy with the new me. Looking after my hair with the colour was a whole different ball game though. The colour made my hair completely dry, it was slightly harder than usual and it was just a constant struggle. The hair looked good but the struggle behind it was SO REAL! It leaked when I would wash it, but only a little. So every 3 visits to the salon I’d have to go back with my colour and top up the ka dye.

2016-04-12 13.11.06
Hair started to orange out with continued washes

After a while I was over the whole thing, but then, I also really liked how the colour looked so I insisted on it. I actually stopped dying it when I lost my little tin of powder. I went to the salon for a dye refill and carried my tin as usual but then I did so many other things that day as well. I only realised a few days later that I didn’t have my dye and it wasn’t at the salon when I checked. So in short I dropped it somewhere I went that day and couldn’t quite remember where. So I just started to wash my hair more frequently so the dye would come out. The hair started to orange out at some point after I lost the dye and it started to fade since it washed out slowly every time I washed it, so of course the colour changed. I went back to Salon Jerry and she used this magical Black Shampoo in my hair which took out about 80% of the dye. I was now left with weird tints of colour in my hair. I stayed with those for a few more months and please believe they FAILED to wash out completely! So, I just cut a few inches off my hair and called it a day.

Left with weird tints of orange after washing

What did I learn: Cheap isn’t always the answer. Especially when it comes to natural hair. I know someone else who had hair dye and didn’t suffer any dryness at all because of the quality of product that they used. So if you’re going to dye your hair, make sure you’re using a good quality product lest you suffer severe dryness.

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