Experience with Colouring My Natural Hair: Part 2


Meet Marlie Keishamaza!

Marlie is a professional emcee who loves to talk. A motivational speaker who has a passion for young people. She also runs an online fashion store called Fab Fash and runs an events company as well.
She is into social media management and content creation for social media.
Talk about a woman of many talents 😊

I was just scrolling through my Instagram one day. As usual, just going through my timeline, and I came across one of those many sponsored posts. So I watched a quick video of a girl putting colour in her hair; blue, grey, red, purple etc, they were really strange though dope colours that you don’t usually see.Then she went on to wash it out and it washed out almost immediately. I thought to myself ” Oh!, I am definitely trying that”. Then, the colours were so eccentric and out there. I mean, purple,blue or grey are not something you normally see on peoples’ hair everyday.


The hair paint wax would be ideal for a quick photoshoot, take it out, maybe just for a night to match your outfit, then take it out too. It doesn’t require commitment and that’s what I really liked, because the colours were so dope. I was like “Oh my God!, I don’t think I am brave enough to make it a permanent thing” , “OH MY GOD, I love these wax colours!”. So, I started my mission of placing an order. Luckily, my mum lives abroad so I went ahead and checked online, got the link and sent it to my mum. I was like dude, I need you to help me out. LOL. I told her the colours I wanted and then my sister brought them for me. I totally skipped shipping fees, so I wouldn’t know what the cost would be, but I would like to start shipping them home (Uganda) since many people have asked me about them.


I was soooo excited when I received them. I started by opening the blue pack and thought I would have blue hair for a while. So, I did the blue hair, but interestingly, I usually take ALOT of pictures of myself trying new things but I actually didn’t take that many with the blue hair, and yet I had it for about 3 weeks. The ones I have are from a photoshoot for my online clothing store.

I loved the blue hair but I washed it out after the 3 weeks had passed. The only problem was that, the day I washed it out, I was going for a conference at Munyonyo (Resort Hotel), called Africa Now. The first day I attended, I had blue hair, then the second day, I was tired of the blue. I forgot to mention, the wax doesn’t do anything to the texture of your hair, it is almost like a curl enhancer. When I applied it, I could see my curls defined. See photo below. I mean the curls, they’re POPPING, they really came out!

Being tired, I had planned to wash the colour out but hadn’t planned properly, so as I was showering that morning of the second conference, I washed it out. But….. I showered first then I washed it out, which wasn’t very smart, then I just rinsed myself afterwards. So, as I was walking around during the day at the conference, my friend looked at my neck and mentioned’ “You have some blue stuff on your neck”. LOL. My advice would be that you wash your hair first and  get all the colour out completely, then shower to get rid of the residue on your body.


In other words, the blue colour worked perfectly for me. I haven’t tried the grey one. My friend borrowed it and I haven’t asked for it back yet since I have had braided hair consecutively for the past 3 months, but I am eventually going to try the grey. I really loved that the hair paint wax doesn’t require commitment. The moment you feel like ah ah, I am tired of colour, you just wash it out. It is really not that deep, not that serious, YET SO FUN!. You can literally be a different person everyday. One day red, the next blue, thereafter green. IT’S DOPE. I LOVE IT.

*Remember, You are Marked by Flawless Craftsmanship*

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