About Blog

*EXQUISITE NVIRI* ,Most of you must be wondering, what in the world that means! *Exquisite*; marked by flawless craftsmanship (hence my slogan), extremely beautiful and delicate. *Nviri* word meaning hair in my native language ‘Luganda’, a bantu language used in Uganda.

The relevance of this name is to remind people with natural hair that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way your hair naturally comes out of your scalp. Despite decades of being told our hair is ugly, times have changed, ‘phew’ ,and we have more people of color speaking about the importance of embracing natural hair. I personally struggled with accepting my natural hair, I hope my story and those of others shared on this blog inspire someone to embrace/continue to love their natural hair.

This platform will be a  reminder that we need to embrace our features because they were wonderfully made by God. Everyone is unique. The diversity within the natural hair community alone is mind blowing. You might be like me with almost three different textures on my head. Stay tuned to explore this journey with me and my natural hair sisters.