If you love natural hair, you will feel right at home here. No worries for those who currently don’t, stay tuned and you will grow to love it. This platform is to serve as inspiration to my readers on how to have a healthy stress free natural hair journey, by sharing my own experience and that of others to remind you that whether you have long / short hair, it still is your crown and glory. I am here to encourage you to not be disheartened, your hair does grow, simply enjoy the journey and learn how to retain that length.


Author: Connie Sentongo

Connie aka Consen is extremely passionate about natural hair and making sure that it receives some TLC (Tender Loving Care), yet keeping it simple and unique. I am also a health enthusiast, I make sure that my hair receives all that goodness from within and without. I personally achieve this through a healthy diet and making sure to use organic hair products where I see fit. I love to help people achieve what they aspire to be, through my knowledge, skills and experience. This blog is one of them. I love God, food, music, speaking to people and anything natural hair related.




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