Welcome back to my 'hair journey story' series. Todays' story is shared by one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers Justified Ecstasy. I had so much fun interviewing her and putting this together to share her story with you guys. As you read, I hope you're inspired and like she always says, "may your ecstasy be … Continue reading HAIR ME OUT!

Why I Partnered with an Anti-aging Vegan Hair Care Company

Most of you following my journey on Instagram got the news that I recently partnered with an AMAZING vegan anti-aging hair care company. For those who didn't get the memo, here it is :). This was definitely an answered prayer. I wake up everyday absolutely grateful for a random stranger reaching out to me in … Continue reading Why I Partnered with an Anti-aging Vegan Hair Care Company

How I have grown my 4c natural hair!

The journey started when I was in primary school (middle school). My mum would relax my hair each term. However, the relaxer would only work for two-three weeks. I had very thick 4c hair with a lot of volume. When I got older, I would go to the salon for my quarterly relaxer treatment. The … Continue reading How I have grown my 4c natural hair!

Hot Oil Treatment

What is a hot oil treatment? This treatment prevents dry, brittle hair and split ends while strengthening and moisturizing your hair strands. The process involves applying warm oil to hair and scalp. Both wet and dry hair can benefit from this treatment. I have recently discovered that doing this treatment after washing and conditioning your … Continue reading Hot Oil Treatment