By now, you know that I DIY almost everything as long as I have access to the tools, resources, skill or ingredients. I personally prefer to know exactly what I am applying to my hair. The ingredients used in this recipe are moisturizing and softening to the hair. I will not go into detail for each … Continue reading MAKE YOUR OWN HAIR MOISTURIZER


BUT WHY OH WHY ? I know this might sound crazy and a complete no go area for some. DIY (Do It Yourself) braiding is not for everyone. It needs plenty of patience. A number of circumstances may lead you to braid your own hair. For some, it might be because of the expenses they … Continue reading DIY BRAIDING

Goodbye to the sizzle

My hair journey started right before I joined High School. The primary school I attended didn't allow us to grow our hair, so I started growing it during the vacation in preparation for high school. In my first year of High School, besides praying for my hair to grow so that I could hold a … Continue reading Goodbye to the sizzle