How to Prepare and Use Rice Water for Hair Growth!

Last week, I put up an IGTV that gives the details of how rice water acts as a growth and strengthening aid to our hair. I recommend using organic rice. This post expands on how rice water can be used and prepared effectively for maximum results.

How to Prepare Rice water

Rice water can be prepared in a number of ways; the 3 popular methods are: boil, wash and ferment. All options are beneficial to your hair.

1. Wash

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Rinse the rice to remove any dirt using water. Place in a bowl and completely cover the rice with water. Let it sit for 40 mins. Swirl a few times to let the nutrients release into the water. After 40 mins, check whether water is cloudy/milky. Strain the rice water into another clean bowl. You may now use your water for a rinse.

2. Ferment method

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For enhanced benefits, you may ferment the water you just collected. Let it sit in a dark place at room temperature for 1-2 days till it is sour indicating that the fermentation process has started. When I had just discovered rice water, I stored it in a dark cupboard and completely forgot about it for a whole week. The stench was horrific and I never recovered my container. lol. A warmer room will quicken the fermentation process. You can now use the water at this point. If you plan on storing it, boil the water first to stop the fermentation process.

3. Boil method

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Add rice and water into a pot, using more water than usual when cooking the rice to eat. Once it boils, remove from fire, allow to cool and strain out the water or leave on the fire and let the rice fully cook, let it cool, strain the water and use. This filtrate is usually very concentrated, so you can dilute it with water. Don’t worry, diluting it won’t stop it from working.

For all the methods mentioned above, store in the fridge for 3-5 days.

How to use the rice water

After taking your rice water from the refrigerator, shake it first before you apply to your hair.

  • Start with freshly washed hair, free from product build up
  • Drench your hair and scalp with the rice water
  • To avoid flakes, coat the rice water onto your hair evenly. I usually use my detangling brush to brush it in to ensure that every hair strand is coated
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap for 30-40 mins
  • Rinse it out
  • You may then proceed to condition your hair

Please take note; Rice water is a protein treatment and contains roughly 20% protein. Therefore, please avoid using this rinse if you were planning to do a protein treatment that week. A weekly rinse should suffice, however, for those that have low porosity hair or whose hair is protein sensitive, rinse every 6-8 weeks or once a month.

*Remember, you are marked by flawless craftsmanship*


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