LOC IT- DJ Roz’s story

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How do you tighten your dreads/roots?

This is perhaps the only maintenance I do with my hair.  I used to do it myself but it would take over 10-12 hours but now I have someone else do it and only takes 2 hours. They use gel and twist the ends clockwise till it tightens up, they either clip it down or twist it with another loc so that it holds it in place. Once its all done, it is blow dried.

How do you get of the loose hair?

You can have your dreads interlocked. As they grow out, instead of just twisting it during tightening, you can actually pass the dread through the root of the hair and you can get rid of the loose hairs at the roots like that. I have only done that twice. I know most people have it done more frequently but I like my loose hairs. As far as the loose hairs, I like the end of the dread because a lot of times people’s end of the dread are fuzzy, I just cut mine off.

Why did I start dreads?

I started dreads because I always liked having long hair. I grew my hair for 8 years when I was younger and I cut it. I kind of missed that hair but I couldn’t go back to cornrows or braids so I decided to dread it. Its funny because the last hair cut that I had was 9 years ago and the guy made a bald spot at the top of my hair and he was like don’t worry I will fix it. Then, he made another bald spot right on the opposite side. I now had two bald spots on my head and I asked him to just cut everything off. That’s when I knew that there were no good barbers in Ottawa to cut my hair. So, I just decided to grow it out after that. It was probably the defining moment. I knew for sure that I was going to grow out my hair.

Challenges you have faced?

  1. There have been times I have felt stereotyped and thought I wouldn’t be able to get a job. I thought that my dreads would be seen as too unprofessional to get a job in the work place. I now know that that is completely false. It is not impossible to be in a professional work environment with dreads.
  2. Finding someone to do my hair for me because I hated doing it myself. I currently haven’t done my hair myself in like 7 years.


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