LOC IT- Adrienne’s story

What technique did you use to achieve your dreadlocks?

I used the crotchet method because I can actually take them out in the future in case I want something new and recover my natural hair, which is fantastic.

How often do you re-touched?

I usually get them re-touched every month, but I will probably adjust to every 2 months once they are longer.

How it begun?

My dreadlock journey begun when I moved back home (Rwanda) from South Africa. I wanted a nice hair style with minimum maintenance that would be practical for my lifestyle but still nice and could be styled in different ways. Dreadlocks ticked all the boxes! With the facilities in Kigali, it is easy to get the dreadlocks longer, curl and style them differently including spicing the look with highlights. The cherry on top is that it doesn’t break your wallet to maintain.

Challenges you’ve faced?

  1. Since I had very short hair, my natural dreads were very short with an unpleasant shape.
  2. Another challenge I still face is how to take care of my locs other than simply washing and occasional moisturizing.

How did you overcome the challenges?

  1. I added extensions for about 7 months. This allowed my hair to grow and later took out the extensions when my natural dreads grew longer.
  2. I am not a huge fun of shiny moisturizers, so I had to find one that was right for me. So far, coconut oil has been wonderful mostly because it doesn’t have a scent.
  3. It took me a while to figure out that I had to cover my hair before bed, because my dreads are very short. If not covered overnight, they will be facing all kinds of directions in the morning. It is not a pretty sight. Covering them gives them shape and prevents unwanted random curling.


About the author: Adrienne is an electrical engineer. She loves music and singing

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